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Absolutely fabulous and long lasting products to aid in the cleaning of your dishes and all manner of things!

EcoCoconut brings sustainable and biodegradable products to global markets, offering alternatives to the plastic and synthetic products found in almost every household around the world.

EcoCoconut is pioneering the plastic free movement with a range of biodegradable coconut based products for your home, body and lifestyle. The coconut and its derivatives are the base organic resources incorporated into every EcoCoconut product, ensuring a natural and sustainable alternative to plastic products in the home.

All EcoCoconut products are made from organic and recycled materials and are 100% plastic free, including all shipping and packaging.

Supply Chain

  • Our suppliers have over 135 years of trade, winning multiple awards for eco manufacturing and are the largest multinational company in Sri Lanka, driving a competitive business portfolio.
  • EcoCoconut draws on this heritage of manufacturing with the goal of becoming a household name of ethical, sustainable and eco friendly products.
  • Corporate and business governance, ensuring leading OH&S and labour practices and compliance are in place.
  • Awarded Number #1 Corporate Citizen for the 5th consecutive year, for the best Corporate Sustainability Awards in Sri Lanka.

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Scrubbies, Bottle Brush, Washing Up Brush