Coffee Beans Villa Maria Red 100g


Top notch, freshly roasted, whole coffee beans from Crankhouse Coffee

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Freshly roasted coffee beans that we buy in small batches to ensure that reach you as fresh as possible. Grind them at home yourself to suit your coffee making method.

We stock their Villa Maria Red bean which has taste notes of red plum with a creamy milk chocolate finish.

A bit about Crankhouse……

An artisan micro-roaster focusing on purchasing amazing coffees from around the world. Our coffees are selected from speciality importers who support and care about the farmers and cooperatives through ethical and sustainable practices.
As a roaster, my job is to develop the potential that exists in the green coffee as the farmer intended, coaxing out the natural flavours determined by the terroir and the processing techniques adopted. My tools are a lovely Italian 1995 Petroncini TT7.5, my senses and a little science.
Crankhouse Coffee was launched in 2014 and is based in Exeter in the South West of England. The Roastery has relocated to Exeter’s West Quarter”