Drink Bottles 500ml/260ml


Beautiful Drink Bottles – Insulated and Leak Proof.

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A lifestyle

Choosing Qwetch is choosing a lifestyle: eating healthy, respecting the environment, favoring home-made meals to take with you during the day. It’s also choosing products with aesthetic, colorful and trendy designs.

Healthy products:

  • Qwetch containers keep hot and cold making it easy to take healthy home-made meals with you.
  • Qwetch uses glass and stainless steel materials safe to food contact unlike aluminum or plastic products.

Sustainable products reaching for a zero-waste lifestyle:

Qwetch products are sustainable because all containers are washable and reusable infinitely. No more plastic bottles, boxes or cutlery which are generating tons of waste every day.

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Rose Gold 500ml, Marble 500ml, Wood 500ml, Granite 500ml, Stainless Steel 500ml, Pink 500ml, Silver 500ml, Stainless Steel 260ml