Holly Botanic Digest Tisane (Tea) 40g 20 Cups


A lovely loose tisane for digestion.

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‘Digest’ from Holly Botanic. A Herbal Tisane for Digestion.

“Ease, comfort and relieve”

Digest is a minty, aromatic herbal infusion designed to help relieve symptoms of over indulgence and help digestion.

All the ingredients are 100% natural, caffeine free and contain no artifical preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

This tisane is available loose.

All of our Holly Botanic products are designed and hand-made on site in small batches, using cruelty-free, non-GMO ingredients.

Ingredients and Benefits of our Digest Tisane

  • Peppermint is commonly used to relieve nausea and is well known for its digestive benefits. It can ease painful bloating and disperse trapped wind.
  • Chamomile is soothing and can relax stomach cramps. Its calming properties can help stomach aches caused by stress and anxiety.
  • Fennel seed’s volatile oils help to alleviate trapped wind and flatulence and reduce that ‘too full’ feeling.
  • Coriander seed is a gentle carminative. It settles the stomach and sweetens the breath.

Ingredients: Mentha piperita, Martricaria chamomilla, Foeniculum vulgare, Coriandrum sativum.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten free.


Infuse a heaped teaspoon of the tisane to hot (just off boiling) water using an infuser, a teapot and strainer, or a cafetiere and your favourite mug. Let the tisane steep infuse for up to 5-10 minutes, then strain and sip. Drink after a meal and up to 3 cups a day.

*Holly’s Tip* This tisane makes the perfect after-dinner drink.

Long lasting or recurring indigestion can be a sign of a more serious health issue. If you are concerned speak to your GP.

Other Information

Many health complaints either start with or are affected by the digestive system, which is why its so important to make sure everything’s working as well as possible. Any number of things can contribute to poor digestion, including stress, food sensitivities, rushing while eating, poor diet etc. Here are three things you can do to maximise the effectiveness of your digestive system:

  • Sit at a table to eat meals – poor posture, distractions and ‘grazing’ are all risks of eating on the go, on the floor or slouched on the sofa. Sitting up gives structure to your meal time and can be more social.
  • Slow down – rushing your breakfast because you’re late for work? Grabbing a pastry on the run because you’re late for a meeting at work? It’s not doing you any good. Make time for your meals and don’t rush. Chewing each mouthful properly and taking your time makes meals more enjoyable and can help you eat less.
  • Drink water – As always, stay hydrated. Drinking water before a meal will help you feel fuller so you’re less likely to over indulge. A hydrated system is a happy system, including the digestive system.