Organic Jersey Full Cream Milk 1ltr


Probably the most wonderful milk……like EVER!!

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Milk doesn’t really come any better than this!

We will only ever have a limited amount of ‘unbooked’ bottles available so they will always be available on a first come first served basis. If you want to arrange for a regular weekly order then please do contact us.

“TAW RIVER DAIRY has always been about the cows and the environment. We believe farming should work with the environment and not against it. We farm as naturally as possible and keep any animal medicine usage to a minimum and only when absolutely necessary, no antibiotics are used here on our farm in Devon. Holistic grazing techniques help to build soil structure and organic matter, we even have our own bees help to pollinate our meadows. Low food miles and reduced carbon emissions are just a couple of the benefits of not buying in feed for the farm, as most concentrated feeds are made up of cereals imported from all over the world!”

“Due to our natural system the cows are only milked once a day, and we only take the milk remaining once the calves have had their breakfast! This delicious raw milk is then taken to our on-site processing room, here it is turned into the delicious products that are available to you.”